Painting Nature Tour


Growing up in the Kibbutz, we had an especially unique art teacher. Every Sunday before dawn, she would gather all of the kids and pile them into a tractor-drawn wagon, along with several freshly baked loaves of bread. We would head out to one of the hills near the Kibbutz, where each child received a blank piece of paper upon which we would draw the landscape in the light of the sunrise. The morning would be accompanied by hot herbal tea and honey that was gathered from one of the local beehives. It was a childhood filled with color, flavor and unforgettable scents.

In this tour, we will embark on a journey inspired by those memories. We will set off into the desert or the hillsides in order to see and experience them from a new vantage point. It is an experience of observation, intimate familiarization with the land, and artistic creation, in the hidden and unfamiliar corners of Israel. Various drawing methods will be introduced, including landscape painting, drawing, graphite and watercolor. Prior knowledge is not required.

Rachel Keyni is an artist with 10 years of experience teaching children and adults.

Nir Friedman is a tour guide and geomorphologist specializing in challenging outdoor trips, and in connecting between the land and its history.

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