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Ein Gedi


Ein Gedi is truly a desert oasis with hanging flora, desert fauna and waterfalls of cool, fresh water. With so many natural resources, Ein Gedi was continuously inhabited from Biblical times through to late antiquity.


The site has many incredible hiking opportunities for visitors of all abilities, including the Arugot and David Streams. In his youth, before becoming King, David escaped to Ein Gedi with King Saul on his heels. King Saul had heard of David's victory over Goliath, and had set out to kill David, out of a fear that David would overthrow his dynasty. David, who was a shepherd and knew the land well, was able to sneak up to Saul and instead of preemptively striking, cut a piece of cloth from Saul's cloak, and used that cloth as a proof of his loyalty to Saul, as the chosen King. The David Stream is named after this story, and history comes to life when walking through the lush river canyon.

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