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Plains of Sodom


From the biblical story Sodom and Gomorrah, the adventure begins with a drive to the southern Judean Desert. We will drive along the western coast of the Dead Sea, and enter the plains of Sodom to enjoy some of the most special natural phenomena we have in Israel.

We'll hear about the different kinds of deserts in Israel, and understand the formation of the Sodom Mountain – A salt diapir. Mountains like this are very unique and are seen only in extremely arid areas, like here. We will taste the salt crystals that form impressive shapes, and explore the dynamic processes which formed these landscapes.

Through the winding wadi Sodom, we'll drive up to the top of Mt. Sodom - the highest peak in the lowest region on earth. We will overlook the Dead Sea rift valley, the industrial harvest of minerals, the green delta of wadi Zered and the village of A-Safi on the Jordanian side.

We will continue to the picturesque Wadi Pratzim with its cliffs built out of endless fine layers, with their incredible wavy patterns formed by the numerous earthquakes in this area.

In the incredible backdrop of the Dead Sea and Mt. Sodom, we will hear about the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah while enjoying the cool air in the Cave of Lot's Wife, and take a break to drink tea and coffee with cake in the ancient fortress at Wadi Zohar or enjoy the cool water of the Ein-Bokek spring.

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