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Burma Road

The Makeshift Road that Saved Jerusalem

The Burma Road, named after the famous Burmese bypass road from WWII, was critical in the efforts to send food & supplies to Jerusalem's besieged Jewish residents during the War of Independence.

We'll traverse the road in our jeep, on the path used by heavy armored vehicles in 1948, and enjoy the changing landscape. Starting from the Judean Lowlands, characterized by rolling hills and vineyards,


We'll make our way up through the steep Jerusalem Hills, providing a beautiful cross-section of Israel's topography.

Along with breathtaking views, we'll learn about the Jewish fighters and the newly arrived immigrants from the US and post-war Europe.

These young pioneers, with the sweat of their brow and their determination, breached an alternative supply route that saved the lives of their besieged counterparts in Jerusalem. It was with their efforts, that Jerusalem was saved and became the capital of the fledgling Jewish state.


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